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For the most part our new home will have some form of hardwood flooring, that hardwood is very up in the air. It could also mean pergo etc..

One thing for us to consider is our dogs. We think slipping is mainly what we have to worry about. Especially when they get excited and try to take off somewhere.

Dogs "launch" with their back legs and if those slip out from under them, they can easily pull a muscle or something. The old saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" definitely applies in this case. If it really concerns you, put down some area rugs to minimize the danger.

I haven't used bamboo myself, but have heard good things. As a nice engineered hardwood. These come in different thicknesses, so typically thicker=more durable and you can pick based on budget.

Hardwood is the best, most durable, but is generally much more labor intensive to put down. If you are looking for a weekend project, we have had people point us towards the engineered flooring because I find that the product is easier to use. We want a floor that will take a beating, and also be able to sand it down over and over for refinishing, bite the bullet and get hardwood.

Pergo is not an engineered wood. It's laminate (pressed fiber with a layer of wood looking stuff on the top. Engineered wood is more like plywood. It's basically wood throughout, but only the top layer of wood is of any quality.

We installed wood-looking vinyl in the past. It held up well to all of our animals. A friend did the same and he had a golden retriever and was happy with the results. People think it's wood until they step try tapping on it.