Those stores don't "do" kitchen remodeling. They just send it out to local contractors to come in and give you a quote.

They're typically on the high end of pricing for what they do.

The biggest problem I have with them though tends to be the constant fight between who's responsible for what - contractors vs store.

I'm not saying don't use them, just be aware of what it is - it's not HD/Lowes doing the remodel.

IKEA cabinets are: ordinary MDF cabinets, as are most sold everywhere else. IKEA is high-density 3/4" particleboard with melamine covering 4-6 sides. The usual cheap cabinets are low-density 1/2" particleboard with a plasticky cover on one side.

IKEA's sizes are limited which can make some kitchens harder to lay out. If they offered 9", more 21" doors, 27" and 33" cabinets they would kill the cabinet market.

The doors/fronts/gables are sturdy enough and come in a wide range of finishes /woods/colours and quality ranging from cheap to very good, and their hardware/hinges are excellent. The variety of boxes and accessories at IKEA is huge, and in an entirely different league than HD/Lowes.

Their prices are unbeatable in my experience.